• The Best of 2015 (and What's Next for 2016)

    The Best of 2015 (and What's Next for 2016)

    2015 was a whirlwind—I went to Nashville twice, attended three amazing weddings, spent 10 days in Montenegro and Croatia, threw a baby shower, became an aunt (!), and turned 28. But above all, I baked. A lot. This picture includes my nine most "liked" Instagrams from 2015 and every single one of them has a baked good in it, including ones that I made myself (like that armadillo groom's cake I made for my friends' wedding) and others that I had the pleasure to enjoy (like those glitter-dusted cupcakes).

    So with that in mind, I've decided a few things for 2016:

    1. Make my main Instagram page just for the cakes I make. A majority of my followers at this point people who just want to see this anyway, so I'll be happy to oblige and not force adorable cat and baby photos upon them. I'll be setting up a private personal account for my friends and family who want to see how stinking cute my nephew is.
    2. Bake as much as possible. With a full-time job in the city, I only have nights and weekends to work on recipes and try out new things. With a few new developments in my career (more on that later) I'm going to try to make more, get better photographs, and start sharing the recipes in this space here and make this more of a baking blog instead of just a portfolio website.
    3. Start selling my cakes. In the last few months, several people asked me to make birthday cakes for their friends/family and offered to pay me. The whole idea overwhelmed me—ingredients are easy to price out, but what about my time spent baking? Calculating the hours it takes to make a cake and then put a monetary value on that time is scary. But, the time spent testing recipes, baking, and decorating is totally worth it to me to see how excited people get when they see cake (I will always love my Martha Stewart coworkers for being the most enthusiastic cake testers out there). So with that in mind, I am going to put together a few different options/prices and see how people respond.
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox-Themed Baby Shower Cake

    Fantastic Mr. Fox-Themed Baby Shower Cake

    My sister had a baby boy this July. In May, a few of her friends and I threw her a Fantastic Mr. Fox-themed baby shower to celebrate baby Jonathan's imminent arrival. There was a huge food spread with pigs-in-a-blanket, a cheese board, and lots of other delicious snacks, but the centerpiece of it all was this foxy cake I baked to look like a log to fit in with the whole woodland theme of the shower (a Stump de Noël, if you will).

    Inside were three layers of white butter cake from Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Cake Bible (my new favorite cookbook I picked up at a Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia sample sale!) with a browned butter filling. On the outside, you're looking at Joy the Baker's sour cream chocolate frosting from Homemade Decadence. The results were nutty, rich, but not-too-sweet.